Retail Lead Collection & Management

Standardize Lead Capture (via mobile app)

  • Single point of lead entry (Elimination of multistep data entry)
  • Improve accuracy of contact information collected
  • Lead verification through phone number validation

Instant Data & Awareness for Management

  • Productivity analytics in real time
  • By time/location/employee via dashboard
  • Lead detail notifications

Communicate Easily to Sales Lead Generators

  • Distribution of goals & status
  • Communicate incentives to lead generators in real time
  • Drive competition between locations and employees
  • Flag cold leads to be re-evaluated

Employee Accountability

  • Verification of employee location
  • Clock in/Clock out time tracking
  • Compare leads generated to daily goals

Strengthen Retailer Relationship

  • Integrates to third party retailer databases
  • Documentation of productivity to retailer
  • Validation tool that service partners have a process and accountability
  • Increased visibility of sales activity for product and revenue projections
  • Provides sales demographic data


  • Lead reporting by store, territory, lead generator
  • Details on scheduling
  • Equipment information


  • Daily logs
  • Incident management
  • Active queue of open complaints and issues

Desktop Management & Onsite Retail Lead Collection

Gain real time management views with the dashboard and charts to improve decision making daily on lead generation, appointment scheduling and sales lead management for increased revenue and profitability.


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